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Hydro Guard Total Care Water Filtration Systems are sold globally through our Exclusive Filtration Partners.


Hydro Guard Water Sciences firmly believe that in order to assure the integrity of the Hydro Guard water filtration line, it is important to work with reputable, knowledgeable and dynamic companies that will treat each and every customer with the professional attention they deserve. We want to make sure that After our research and product development, the product is delivered to you with high integrity and is handled by a person that knows water and knows how best to address your individual needs.

Each Hydro Guard Global Partner is our Exclusive partner in that area and has committed to helping one person at a time have Total Care filtration.

Hydro Guard… Serious Filtration for a Thirsty Planet!


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Hydro Guard Manufactures the worlds best water filters and filtration systems. Our global brand stands behind every product that is manufactured - Our mission... To provide the worlds population with healthy, clean, safe water.


Join our growing family of Exclusive Worldwide Partners by becoming a Hydro Guard Domestic or Global Dealer. Hydro Guard offers: Exclusive Partnerships and Exclusive Territories for the right candidate.

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