Total Care Filtration

Total Care Filtration,
For Total Peace of Mind!

Hydro Guard Water Sciences has designed a comprehensive line of water filtration systems designed to help each and every person have quality drinking water at their fingertips, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Our mission is to provide to consumers worldwide a broad range of choices in water filtration systems that best meets their needs and concerns. While many companies have embraced the typical cookie cutter approach to water filtration, we at Hydro Guard Water Sciences understand that not all water problems globally are the same and not one single technology in one single stroke can encompass and address water related issues for all types of water.

This is where the term Total Care Filtration was born. It was born from the idea that today’s consumers are informed, educated and understand most of the challenges associated with drinking water. Total Care Filtration has been designed to help you make the best choices for your local water and your personal needs. We have combined proven water filtration technologies, and through this have created water filtration systems for Total Care and Total Peace of Mind no matter what part of the world you are in.

Our water filtration systems have been designed with the customer in mind. We get it! We know that today’s consumers are not just looking for a water filtration device, they are looking for a device that (a) performs; (b) is easy and simple to maintain; (c) is modern and compact (d) has additional security features such as; filter replacement indicators, leak safety devices and exclusive filtration cartridges to maintain the integrity of replacement filters.

Hydro Guard Water Sciences’ constant pursuit to build a better water filtration system, will ensure you and your family that as time goes by, we will be on top of technology and performance so as time goes by and drinking water challenges continue to develop, you will always have a top performing water filtration system. This ensures your investment in a Hydro Guards Total Care Premiere Water System is an investment that will yield long term results and satisfaction. We want each of our global users to feel confident that their choice in a Hydro Guard system was the best choice for them, their family and loved ones. Its Total Care Filtration, for Total Peace of Mind!

Hydro Guard Special Features

Performance – Hydro Guard Water Filtration Systems are manufactured using the best NSF certified material on the market. They utilize enhanced proven filtration technologies to give each and every customer safer, cleaner, healthier, tastier water. They address a broad spectrum of contaminants of health concern and are designed to perform day after day, year after year with minimal service.

End of Life Indicator (ELI) – On some systems Hydro Guard has incorporated an End of Life Indicator which visually alerts the customer when it getting close to the time to replace the water filtration cartridges. This add peace of mind by taking out the guess work as to when it’s time to replace the filters. The ELI’s Yellow LED light turns on when it’s almost time to replace the cartridge and the Red LED light turns on when one full year of use has expired and immediate action must be taken to replace the cartridges.

Microban – All Hydro Guard systems utilizing a Carbon Block filter either as the main filtration cartridge or as one of the filtration steps, have Microban Antimicrobial protection. MIcroban protects against any bacterial growth within the water filtration cartridge and thus giving consumers an added benefit for healthier better tasting water.

Shok Blok – The Shok Blok filter protection valve is a unique device incorporated into under counter water filtration systems which protects the water system against high pressure issues and water hammer for customers who live in high water pressure areas. The Shok Blok device protects against pressure spikes which can be harmful to the water filtration system.

Flowlok – The Flowlok leak detection water shut off valve is incorporated into Hydro Guard systems to silently guard against any water leaks which may occur that the user is not aware of. The Flowlok safety valve utilizes a unique expansion pad disc that upon contact with water expands to activate the Flowloks safety lever and shuts off the water entering the water filtration system. Thus, silently guarding against any water leaks which may occur.

Lead Free Faucets – All Hydro Guard Total Care Water Filtration Systems utilize NSF Certified, California Prop 65 / AB 1953 compliant dispensing faucets. This ensures every consumer that the very system designed to safeguard them against contaminants which may be found in drinking water is not in fact contaminating the treated water at the point of use. Our high quality, durable and elegant faucets are but another reason to proudly own a Hydro Guard Total Care System.

Easy to Replace Cartridges – All Hydro Guard Total Care Systems are easy to maintain and require very little maintenance. BY simply cleaning your system and replacing your cartridges at least one per year, you will have Total Peace of Mind in regards to the water you drink. There are no special tools required for filter replacements and the average person can do it themselves in less than 10 min!

Quality, Premiere Drinking Water is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice. Once you own a Hydro Guard, you will know why people from all walks of life globally, whether in Multi-Million dollar homes or single individuals living in small condominiums have made Hydro Guard their product of choice!

Hydro Guard… Serious Filtration for a Healthy Planet!